Measuring Customer Happiness with Bigcommerce & AskNicely

Hey Big Seller! Is your BigCommerce store selling squillions of products each month? With a couple of clicks, you can measure customer happiness of every order. Our new Bigcommerce app, automatically sends a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to customers just after their goods have been delivered.

It's (almost) effortless, and AskNicely takes care of everything including, making sure customers are not surveyed too often and alerting you if something has gone wrong (before the customer jumps on your Facebook page to tell the world!).

Once you start measuring feedback, you can then take action to improve your customers happiness and understand what parts of your process or product you could improve on.

Setup in 5 minutes

To start, you'll need a Bigcommerce store and an AskNicely account.

  1. Install our app
  2. Once the app is installed, configure your "survey delay" on the Settings > BigCommerce page.
    The Survey delay is the number of days, you want us to wait before sending the survey after a customer's order has been marked as "shipped" or "completed" in Bigcommerce. This might be 7 or 14 days depending no how long your shipping takes.
  3. You customer will then be surveyed after they receive their package.

Bigcommerce AskNicely send a survey after shipment

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