How SafetyCulture Drives Word of Mouth with Net Promoter Score

Every 15 seconds, one worker dies and 160 are injured somewhere in the world. Driven by these horrific statistics, SafetyCulture in Townsville, Australia, aims to make safety available to every worker around the world. The free app iAuditor builds checklists, conducts inspections and files reports from a mobile phone or tablet, transforming a typically paper-based tool into a digital one.

“We give everyday workers abilities they have been wanting for years – a real-time, logic-driven inspection capability that can be completed in the field,” says Blake Pelling, SafetyCulture’s head of marketing.

“Our job is to help workers go home safely.”

Easy set-up

Word of mouth is critical to SafetyCulture, and to make sure the company was actually delivering what customers were asking for, the team decided to measure its Net Promoter Score (NPS). After considering a few options, Pelling and his team chose AskNicely, mainly because of the easy integration with Intercom.

“The registration process, the support via Intercom, the integration and the ease-of-use were all factors that helped us decide to start using AskNicely,” he says.

Getting started with the software was “unlike anything we had ever seen before”, Pelling says.

“It was very easy, intuitive and enjoyable. It took a maximum of 30 minutes from sign-up to complete integration with Intercom. AskNicely were available to help throughout the whole process.”

Invaluable customer feedback

“In the app business, we’re swimming in metrics,” Pelling continues.

“NPS is one of the few metrics that gives a high-altitude view of the strength of your business. On a dashboard full of instruments, it’s like the north point on the compass.”

“AskNicely allows us to track how our customers feel about our product, at a given point in time. That type of feedback is invaluable to startups.”

Turning Feedback into Testimonials

SafetyCulture started automatically collecting customer feedback using AskNicely and got a tremendous response. With great feedback coming in every day, the company started using AskNicely’s testimonials functionality. This sends an email to the customer, asking for permission to publish the quote – with the click of one button. Within two weeks, SafetyCulture had over 80 raving customer comments on it’s testimonials page. And the testimonials keep coming in.

“Authenticity and social proof is everything,” says Pelling.

“In today’s connected world, we’ve all become really good at smelling bullshit a mile away. There’s nowhere to hide, and that’s a great thing!”

“When the customer genuinely comes first, everything gets easier. If you do have a great product and you are here to make your customers’ lives better, then find a way to give them a voice. Let your customers tell each other what your product means to them, in their own language.”

SafetyCulture is now moving towards being able to predict accidents before they occur, using the huge amounts of data that is collected every day.
“We can provide deeper insights into what is causing incidents and how they can be avoided.”