How Wipster Keeps Customers Happy and Videos Joyful

“Wipster is obsessed with customer happiness” - Kristen Lunman, Chief Operating Officer

Wipster is an intuitive video review and approval platform, designed for producers, creative teams, marketing departments and other video makers around the world. They're committed to taking the pain out of getting videos approved and delivered.

“A startup is totally reliant on its customers to provide the feedback loop for product development and spreading the word to their respective communities"says Wipster COO, Kristen Lunman. “Wipster is obsessed with customer happiness. From designing the product to fostering a community, we try to make them central to everything we do.”

Wipster has a relentless focus on simplicity and making video review a “joyful” experience for users and that experience has to start from the minute they arrive on the website to support after sale.

How Wipster Drives Customer Happiness

Kristen was kind enough to share the principles Wipster uses to keep their customers happy:

  1. Remove barriers as they flow through your website. Don't make it hard for someone to find what they are looking for or to buy your product.

  2. Add value to their lives. We love providing helpful tips and content across our social platforms and blog to help them be successful in their professional careers.

  3. Listen. This is where AskNicely comes in. Ask your users how they feel about you – is there anything we can do to make you happier?

  4. Build trust. It's really important to reply to all support issues with empathy and be honest in your dealings. Don't make promises you can't keep and don't be afraid to apologize.

  5. Build an engaged community. Don't ignore your paying customers. It's critical you continue to engage with them on their platform of choice to build brand advocacy. When you build a killer community of advocates, they'll spread the joy around the world!

Customer happiness shouldn't be guesswork

Get your customers to talk to them and provide feedback used to be a challenge for Wipster.

“There was no way of knowing how people feel about your product other than if they willingly tell you on social media or responding to customer support emails,” says Kristen. “There was really no consistent way of gauging how people feel, and to be honest, it’s a guess from most marketers.”

Wipster decided to try AskNicely to get regular daily customer feedback using the Net Promoter Score framework.

“With this data, you are able to tweak your activities based on the feedback that you’re getting from NPS,” she says. “So, if there’s a particular theme running through why people aren’t scoring you higher, you can address that straight away.”

Using customer feedback to define the product roadmap

An unexpected benefit of AskNicely was the amount of feedback about feature requests, usability problems and even bug reports from customers according to Rick Findlater, who's responsible for Customer Success at Wipster.

“So we quickly started collecting all that feedback and now that’s a major part of how we decide on the product roadmap.”

With a strong focus on continuously improving the product, Wipster puts a clever twist on the standard "tell us why" follow up question. Depending on the score the customer gives, they either ask (if 0-8) ‘What can we do to make it a 10?’ or (if 9 or 10), ‘What is one thing we could do to improve?’.

“We framed our objective – to get a 10 – and the easiest thing to do is ask how we can get there,” says Kristen. “The replies are very specific and we can now turn them into actionable items – namely feature requests.”

“At our stage, as a startup, specific information is much more helpful when trying to guide product development.”

Incredibly easy to set up

Rick Findlater had a look at a few different NPS providers before deciding on AskNicely.

“I really liked the minimalistic interface of AskNicely. It was incredibly easy to set up and get going. I also had conversations with John, asked him a couple of questions and he was really helpful,” he says.

“We were up and running within minutes of signing up,” continues Rick. “One thing that was very helpful is that AskNicely integrates with Intercom, which has all our users in it. I was able to create a segment of people that we wanted to send the NPS reports to in Intercom, then just push a button and AskNicely emailed all the people on that segment.”

Real-time Engagement is Key

NPS is now an integral part of everyday business at Wipster, says Kristen.

“We meet on a weekly basis and talk through the NPS score”.

The team has integrated AskNicely with collaboration tool Slack, so everybody gets real-time notifications of scores or feedback from customers.

“Our NPS is very positive – it tends to be high, so it’s an emotional benefit to have that integrated into Slack,” she says. “And it’s actually a real downer when you get the odd low score, and you want to do something about it straightaway.”

Creating value for Wipster

“We would certainly recommend every single business to measure NPS. It’s something I know we’d miss if we didn’t have it,” Kristen says.

“AskNicely’s user interface is beautiful, it’s easy to set up, easy to monitor, easy to integrate with the programs we use, and they are very responsive and helpful– so you really couldn’t ask for more.”

“It’s fantastic value for money in terms of what the business gains. We couldn’t speak more highly of them.”

Next, Rick and his team are looking to integrate the software further.
“We are pushing customer comments from AskNicely back onto our website for a testimonials page,” he says.