AskNicely, now in any language.

If you've got customers around the world, you can now send AskNicely NPS surveys in their language with our shiny new 'Templates' feature.

You can also use the same feature to vary the survey text and logo for different brands, products or interactions. For example, if you wanted to survey


When you import your list or integrate your CRM, you can include custom fields which can trigger a different template.

For example, a custom field called "language" has the values, english, french and spanish. Under Settings > Email, you only need to create "two" new survey templates with the codes "french" and "spanish" (if AskNicely doesn't see a matching template, it will use the default). You'll also tell AskNicely which custom field will be used to trigger the template code. For our example, it will be "language"

Great, now simply edit the content under the tabs "spanish" and "french".

  • When a survey is triggered, we will check the language field to see if it matches a template. If it does, we will send this template.
  • If it does not match a template, the default template will be used.
  • You can have as many templates as you need on the paid plans. (limited to one for free and trial plans)
  • You can also show custom data within templates, using the format
    {fieldname fallback Missing Data} so to show first name simply use something like this.
    "Hi {firstname fallback there}, thanks for purchasing from us"

By default all our importers capture name and email. The following list will guide you on adding extra custom data into AskNicely.

  • CSV Importer - during import select "import as custom data"
  • MailChimp - Settings > MailChimp > List > Edit: Select which extra fields you want to import.
  • - Settings > Intercom > Advanced : Enter the names of the custom fields you want to import separated by a comma.
  • Salesforce - Settings > Salesforce : Update the Salesforce query to import extra fields from the Case, Contact or Owner objects. (they will be imported without the __c suffix.
  • ZenDesk - Setting > Zendesk. You will need to modify the 'Url' and add an extra parameter (get in touch for help with this)
  • API - Simply send your customer field as an extra parameter eg ?language=spanish&...

You can use templates in a number of ways.

  • Send surveys in multiple languages
  • Trigger different survey questions based on the type of interaction a customer has eg. support call, support email, paid bill, brand NPS (triggered after x days)
  • Product level NPS (rather than brand)

You can also use custom data within a single template eg. "How likely are you to recommend {productname fallback our product} to a friend or colleague. "