Real time NPS with and AskNicely

Imagine customer feedback captured automatically and flowing seamlessly back into your reports, dashboards and customer records in real time.

We've made it super simple to connect AskNicely and Salesforce to automate your Net Promoter program from end-to-end.

NPS surveys can be automatically triggered in two ways:

  1. Immediately after a customer interaction eg. purchase or support case being closed
  2. Daily schedule where AskNicely automatically surveys a group of contacts you specify

This means you can

  • Empower your front line reps and management with real time customer satisfaction metrics
  • Arm your CEO and exec team with mobile dashboards with Salesforce1 mobile app
  • See real time leaderboards showing NPS by customer touchpoint, channel, team, agent and case
  • Trigger automated workflows in Salesforce to follow up at-risk customers and nurture fans to post reviews
  • Build marketing campaigns and customer journeys that based on the sentiment of each individual customer

Connect Salesforce and AskNicely in minutes

Integrate with Salesforce in three steps.

  1. Authorise AskNicely to access Salesforce (you can do that from within AskNicely > Settings > Salesforce > Authorise). This with redirect you to your Salesforce account, here you need to approve AskNicely to access your account.

  2. Install the AskNicely package which is on the same settings page.
    Our package installs workflows, custom fields and a new object to track NPS history.

  3. Configure workflows with your AskNicely ID.

You are now setup.

Automatically Survey Customers After an Interaction

You can create workflows to trigger a survey after any event in Salesforce. A common scenario is when a support case is closed which is built in to the AskNicely package.

If you have more advanced case management, you can edit the workflow to add your own custom logic as the package is highly configurable.

By default, we capture the following data from Salesforce:

  • Case owner (agent)
  • Contact, name, email
  • Case id

When a customer responds to a survey, we update Salesforce in two places:

  • Contact: we update NPS Score, NPS Comment, NPS Tag (promoter, detractor, passive)
  • AskNicely Object: we add score, comment, caseid, ownerid, contactid. (this way it can be shown on the cases page as a related list).

Case showing NPS response

Contact showing NPS history and status

You can also configure to trigger on a different object. E.g when a task is closed or some other business logic you have. All you need to do is tell our outbound message which fields to send us.

Automatically Survey Groups of Customers

To track NPS for a specific segment of customers (ie. brand or relationship NPS), AskNicely can sync with a scheduled custom report and either survey all customers in that group or a fixed number on a daily basis.

This is particularly useful if you want to survey all customers, say, four times a year. Or, perhaps base surveys on particular points in a customer journey eg. 30 days after joining, then every six months going forward.

Reports should only contain a list of eligible contacts that you would like to survey.
The report must have the following columns:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • contact_id (so AskNicely can update the contact record).
  • account_id (if possible, so we can link to the Master Account for this contact)

OR if your report is for Leads and not Contacts, add the lead_id field

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • lead_id (to link back to the lead

Additional columns (eg. segment, event, agent, account rep) can be added to further customize the survey content and support analytics in AskNicely (like leaderboards)

AskNicely will synchronize this report to AskNicely every night and survey according to the daily schedule settings eg. number of surveys to send each day, contact rule to prevent over-surveying

Dedicated Integration Support

For Salesforce integration, AskNicely provides a dedicated technical representative to support the integration. Get in touch when you're ready to get started.

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